Welcome to the Salon Spa and Fitness Studio

About the Facility

  • Spa
    The soothing environment of our private massage rooms, will let you relax and unwind.
  • Fitness Studio
    Experience our Fitness Studio services one on one in a private atmosphere.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are dedicated to providing a serene and relaxing experience by listening to our guests and responding to their changing needs. We will strive to continuously improve this experience through effective training, innovative techniques and a commitment to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

  • Our nationally certified massage therapists offers a variety of services for your therapeutic and emotional needs.
  • Personal Training
    Those who have never attended a gym will feel very comfortable getting acquainted by using the services of a personal trainer.
  • Helpful Links
    Explore some of our favorite places and things! These links will help you navigate to the items that your service providers might mention while speaking with you.
  • FREE Motivation
    Are you making excuses not to take care of yourself? Do you need motivation? Watch here.
  • On-Site Massage
    Would you like to offer chair or table massage during your event? We offer on-site massage services! 715-849-3000